MJ Splitter SteelPro

MJ Splitter

Solid. Sturdy. Steel.


We start with a rigid stainless steel frame and then we coat the steel foundation with high density 100% polycarbonate. The result: one tough splitter. Micro Jig designed the MJ Splitter™ SteelPro to withstand the severe table saw use of a professional woodworking shop. Whether your working with heavy panels or dense solid wood, the SteelPro will give you the strength to cut them with confidence and, most important, safety. The MJ Splitter SteelPro is our toughest splitter ever.

Automatic Kerf Keeper Safety.


When ripping solid wood, the wood often has internal stress and will bind the saw blade and the splitter without warning. It is for this reason we introduce our patented automatic Kerf keeper with the MJ Splitter SteelPro. When a wood board begins to create tension and excessive pressure, the Kerf keeper will be pulled out automatically by the closing saw kerf. The Kerf keeper will travel with the pinching kerf and keep it open to reduce stress on the saw blade and the splitter. When you see the Kerf keeper deploy, that’s your sign to turn off the saw blade. Be alert. Be safe.

Double the Splitter. Double your Safety.


The MJ Splitter SteelPro offers Dual Splitter™ action. The Dual Splitter approach utilizes our mini-feather board effect to control BOTH sides of the work piece, the keeper piece and the off-cut piece. Each splitter is off-set several thousands of an inch to keep pressure on the keeper piece against the fence and the off-cut piece away from the rear rising teeth of the saw blade. This virtually eliminates any chance of kickback.

Fool-Proof Installation.


The precision drill-guide system for the MJ Splitter SteelPro makes installation a breeze. We take out the guesswork and even provide the drill-bit for you. The drill template lines up your drill perpendicular to the table saw surface and you can effortlessly drill straight lines into your Zero Clearance Insert (ZCI). The drill-guide’s ingenious design lines up your splitter to plug directly into your ZCI for quick and accurate alignment with your saw blade. Installation is so simple its Fool-proof.

Mini-Feather Board Effect.


Simple, exact, and extremely effective, cutting results are precise and virtually burn free when using the MJ Splitter SteelPro. That’s because our splitter is the only one on the market with the “mini-feather board effect.” Each side of the splitter is offset by several thousands of an inch to give the perfect tolerance and pressure according to your cutting situation. There is a lot of engineering that goes into these little splitters, but we make it easy for you use on your table saw. Just flip the MJ Splitter around with the “plus” signs facing the fence to give your splitter the correct offset. Each “+” sign represent 0.003”; so “+++” equals 0.009”. Precision and safety do come in small packages.

Plug N’ Play.


Our patented MJ Splitter™ SteelPro system is intended for everyday use on the saw. However, for more intricate operations such as bevel cuts, dado cuts, and other cuts where the MJ Splitter SteelPro may interfere, simply remove it. Micro Jig has designed the splitter to easily be removed for these types of situations. When you’re ready to make a 90 degree cut, just plug the MJ Splitter SteelPro back in; it’s just that simple. The pre-drilled splitter holes in your ZCI are aligned with your table saw, so no matter how many times you take the splitters out or put them back in the MJ Splitter SteelPro performs as designed—perfectly aligned, every time.

1/8" Kerf MJ Splitter SteelPro

The (Blue) 1/8" Kerf model MJ Splitter SteelPRO is designed specifically for 1/8" kerf saw blades. Please make sure you are using the correct MJ Splitter model with the appropriate saw blade.

If your not sure what type of saw blade you have, perform this simple test at your shop to find out.

Thin Kerf MJ Splitter SteelPro

The (Orange) Thin Kerf model MJ Splitter SteelPro is designed specifically for thin kerf saw blades. Please make sure you are using the correct MJ Splitter model with the appropriate saw blade.

If your not sure what type of saw blade you have, perform this simple test at your shop to find out.


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