GRR-RIPPER® 3D Pushblock

This is our critically acclaimed precision pusher system that has forever changed operating a table saw. Don’t sacrifice a perfectly planned project and your safety when it comes to woodworking. Feed wood safer and more accurately than ever before with the GRR-Ripper.



Harness the ultimate grippingGRR-RIP-BLOCK" power of the only pushblock with smart Gravity Heel hooks that know where to grab your workpiece. GRR-RIP BLOCK’s drop-down heel hooks are there when you need them and instantly retract when you don’t. Safety’s never been so smart.


Table saw splitter safety is easy with our award-winning splitters. Their patented design makes them simple to install and MJ Splitter SteelProsimple to align. Just “Plug n’ Play.” Remove and Remount in 2 seconds and you're ready to go. Prevent kickback with the MJ Splitter.


This professional level table saw splitter. Tough to the core. Its 100% polycarbonate shell is reinforced with a solid stainless steel foundation. Able to take on the stress caused by many solid woods. The SteelPRO will greatly reduce the chance of kickback on your table saw and virtually eliminate burning.

MJ Splitter SteelPro

ZEROPLAY® Guide Bar System

Build precision crosscut sleds and jigs with a miter bar that has no side-to-side play. The one-touch calibration miter bar system makes it easy to adjust to the exact width of your miter slot. Hassle-free bars are easier to calibrate, install, and use. Reach new levels of accuracy with the ZeroPlay Guide Bar.


MICRODIAL™ Tapering Jig

Create surgically accurate tapers and angled cuts, and repeat cuts with unparalleled consistency. MICRODIAL revolutionizes your results with most precise and versatile tapering jig available. Ten years in the making, MICRODIAL's patented COLORMATCH and MEMORYLOCK technologies advance your craft with precision, safety and control.