Bulletproof your fingers with the 3D Pushblock System. Its a moving blade guard for your hands and virtually eliminates kickback. The two most violent injuries in woodworking are finally solved with this one tool. Get control and precision over your woodworking. Gain confidence on the table saw, router table, shaper, jointer, and band saw with simply safer and much more precise cuts.
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MJ Splitter

GRR-RIP BLOCK's powerful grip and smart gravity heels give you complete control and confidence on jointers, band saws, router tables, shapers, and table saws. Welcome to next level. Learn more

MJ Splitter SteelPRO

This is our toughest table saw splitter ever. The MJ Splitter SteelPRO is simple, effective, and strong. The SteelPRO Splitter is tough enough to handle the hardest pieces of wood or your biggest projects on the table saw. They are still just as easy to use and just precise as our MJ Splitters. Woodworking safety just got stronger. Learn More

Zeroplay Guide Bar

For those who demand absolute accuracy from their miter bar. Create precision crosscut sleds and jigs with the ZeroPlay Guide Bar System. Its wedge system expands the bar with one-touch for no side-to-side play. No more set screws. Top down installation keeps the sled square to the fence not in the air. Build better jigs in less time with the ZeroPlay Guide Bar.
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MicroDial Tapering Jig

Cutting-edge tapers. The Precision,
Safety, and Control of the MICRODIAL
Tapering Jig advances your
woodworking with ease. Cut tapers with
surgical precision using the intuitive
COLORMATCH system. Enjoy hassle-free adjustments
between repeat cuts with built-in MEMORYLOCK technology. Revolutionize your results with the most precise, versatile tapering jig on the market. Learn More

Work Safer. Work Smarter. | Made in USA

We know your woodworking projects are a labor of love just like our products are to us. That's why we put ourselves in your workshop, imagining every way you will use and experience our family of brands. You will feel the difference our carefully selected materials and intelligent engineering make throughout your projects. We're committed to making the complex world of woodworking simpler while you work safer. We're always moving forward so you can always work smarter.



What People Are Saying

"(GRR-RIpper) It not only has made my woodworking much safer, but has allowed me to make cuts safely that I would have never even contemplated before.- Dean Bielanowski (

The GRR-Ripper is one WOOD Magazine's Top Three Table Saw Safety Gadgets!- September 2011 Issue

Hand feeding my high speed shaper is much safer now. Super safety item for the home workshop.- Don B. (Petaluma, CA)

The GRR-RIpper is also useful on the router table, the jointer, or any other tool where the manuplation of a piece of wood can be dangerous.- Benoit B. (Quebec, Canada)

If you don’t have a splitter on your table saw, put down the magazine when you finish reading this review and order a Micro Jig Splitter...- Popular Woodworking Magazine

Popular Woodworking Magazine awards the MJ Splitter Best New Tool of 2004!

The GRR-Ripper Control System is awared the 2003 Woodworking Product of the Year by Home Woodworking Magazine!

The ZeroPlay miter bar slide easily and I was able to adjust them with no side-to-side play in the slot, just as the name implies.- Ralph Bagnall (

Once I learned the basics, I was convinced that the Grr-Ripper makes for a much safer cut...That is easy to do.-

Simply put, the (MJ) splitter performed as expected and it's bound to give you better and, more important, safer cuts.- Gary Walchuck (Canadian HomeWorkshop Magazine)

The MJ Splitter is one of Woodworkers Journal's Top Ten Table Saw Accessories!- February 2012 Issue

I immediately feel much safer using this unique product (GRR-Ripper). The concept is so simple, yet so well engineered. Even my wife has a much greater comfort level with my use of the saw and the router table.- Jack S. (Pittsburgh, PA)

WOOD Magazine names the MJ Splitter as one of their Top Three Table Saw Safety Gadgets!- September 2011 Issue